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Original Edition (Smooth Black)

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    장바구니 관심상품


    Everything You Need, Perfectly.
    ContRoll9 Original L

    - 3 Pockets
    - 1 Safe Cover
    - 1 Pouch
    - 1 String

    "So far, we've created a tool. But in the future,
    tools will make us."

    ContRoll9 is made for a pen that inspires ideas
    in your brain.
    It is a combined word of 'Control'
    which means Contra and 'Roll' rolling.

    By adding L of Law after 'Control', named it as


    Care Label

    Use longer as you can, A/S is available with 6
    months after purchase.



    Length x Width x Height
    30cm x 1cm x 20cm

    String: 55cm



    Polyurethane, Polyester F, Yarn 100%


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