Clever Messenger Bag (Black)

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It is an all-powerful daily bag that can be used as a messenger bag, tote bag, or crossbodybag.
Even if you put various things together, it utilizes the space neatly, and the bag shape is designed to prevent sagging.

✔︎它配有一個可拆卸嘅鎖匙圈。 它將以黑色或紫色隨機發送。
✔︎它有一個內部口袋同一個隨行杯架。 隔間係分開嘅,因此便於組織。
✔︎本產品由尼龍和斜紋布材料製成。 內部喺某種程度上係防水嘅。
✔︎It comes with a detachable key ring. It will be sent out randomly in black or violet.
✔︎The bottom has a firm plate, so you can prevent the bag from sagging.
✔︎It has an inner pocket and a tumbler holder. The compartments are divided, so it is convenient for organizing.
✔︎This product is made of nylon and twill material. The interior is waterproof to some extent.