🐶 Himalayas Yak Cheese Chew XS

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100% Real Himalayan Yak Cheese
Treat Your Furry Friend to 100% Real Himalayan Yak Cheese! Give Your Pup a Taste of the Himalayas with Our Mouth-Watering Cheese🧀

Perfectly sized for dogs of all shapes and sizes!
Choose from our range of options:

🍀XS size 20g
Mini-sized dogs 1~3kg

🍀S size 35g
Small-sized dogs 3~5kg

🍀M size 55g
Medium-sized dogs 5~9kg

🍀L size 90g
Medium-large dogs 10~20kg

Crunchy cheese puff 45g
Suitable for all age range.

* Made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients.
* No artificial preservatives or additives.