Newest Magnetic Messenger Bag (Black)
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Many of our customers found it difficult to adjust the length of the straps of our messenger bag items. With the newly applied one-touch holder, anyone can easily adjust it without difficulty.
我哋嘅好多客戶發現好難調整郵差包系列嘅肩帶長度。 使用新應用嘅容易肩帶支架,任何人都可以輕鬆調整它。



  • 存放、攜帶和保護您的相機設備。
  • 可調節肩帶。
  • 3個外袋。
  • 1 個外部拉鍊口袋(正面和背面)。
  • 1個筆記型電腦袋。(~15.6寸)
  • 尺寸:L37cm x H29cm x W10cm

It's a very good bag for working, short traveling, school and daily using;
There are some nice pockets for pens and stuff. With detachable and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable wearing, no compression feeling.

  • Store, carry, and protect your camera equipment.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 3 exterior pockets.
  • 1 exterior zip pockets (Front and back).
  • 1 Laptop pocket. (~15.6 inches)
  • Dimensions: L37cm x H29cm x W10cm